The Israeli commodity! Radical Islam.

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

The Israeli commodity! Radical Islam.

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Adebolajo Choudary  We have all done it for years sat and stared in  complete confusion at the Jewish lantern  called ‘TV’ vomiting out the toilet news  overloading our brain with the scat  complexities of the Middle Eastern political  conflicts. This leaves us in a quandary-at a loss to work out who are the good guys and who are the bad, who we should support and who to attack, who is right and who are the instigators, orchestrated and staged to do just that., Confuse

The recent execution in London of the British soldier is a prime example of Shylocks media setting  Western ‘society’ on a wrong direction manipulated by Jewish Zionist ideology this poor soldier has been targeted like a sacrificial lamb at the…

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The Elephant in the Room

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AZL flag holder Transparent16.5 Million Europeans murdered in all 3 HolodomorsThe tribe of Israel have been hideously mutilating its enemies and their children since the early 1920’s, although in Jewish Bolshevik controlled territories it was much easier to conceal their atrocities from the world at large. Now that the Internet can expose Israel’s atrocities in Gaza crying ‘Holocaust‘- The 70 Zionist Terror in Gaza - Free Gaza and Free the Worldyear construct the tribe use to conceal their atrocities against ethnic Europeans, is loosing its effect now that even stalwart pro-Zionists have identified it as an excuse for Jewish ‘Israel’ to get away with murder. Yet even more significant is what the mainstream media choses to avoid.

This site has already pointed out the absurdity of the historic claim the Jewish tribe place on the land of Palestine. Although the same race it is like the Celts ‘demanding’ England back from the Saxon after 15 hundred years of occupation. In the Middle East one…

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