Jewish Insider Reports Judaism is a Threat to Mankind! Must see!

youtube channel :

This loyal young Jewish boy was terrorized and threatened so bad, the usual smearing from the TRAITORS in the MEDIA, he did to himself; it was really quite sad to watch!
The reason they use Italians and JEWS, in a word, is MUERTA; they both understand this dance with the JCN called Freemasonry.
He gave specific permission to use this and disappeared after doing his Jewish Recant!

Jewish Recant- “I’m crazy, take drugs and believe in ALIENS TOO!”
(Usually after having a child or other family members LIFE threatened with ‘accidents’ and other ‘bad luck’!)

I knew this boy, the numerous books he’d read, [it only gets deeper with more reading], and know exactly how he felt, having family credibly threatened then having to recant after honestly coming out! (The police will not or cannot help you or their family will soon start having “accidents” and other ‘bad luck’. This via generational robots brainwashed and literally programmed like computers, via terror and sexual trauma as children, who will kill themselves if need be!)

Tags: Jewish TRAITORS WITHIN, Loyal Jewish within, Judaism Threat to Humanity, Must see!, TREASON WITHIN, Red White and Jew terror, Jewish Red Terror(Russia), Jewish La Terreur (France)


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