Their True Form

The Jew is not so much the devil as a general toxin in the water or pollutant in the air: Influence is their main weapon and the media is their best ally in this regard along with the good Goyim helping out the Jews.

Characteristics of the Jew: A whiny voice, sloped forehead, mocking opponents, enjoying debasement, and going along with other people if it benefits the Jew. Jew’s earn through perseverance: like a needle pressing harder and further more and more until walls give way and infections (spiritual, biological, mental) can be spread more easily. A connected earlobe, a receding chin, cleft chin, a brutish or mouse-like head-facial feature. Bullies and weak/inept victims (the Back to the Future movie, the bully and victim were Jew’s).

Distinctions of right and wrong, good and evil have been eroded due to Judaic influences to strengthen confusion of what is good or bad, helpful or harmful — This strategy of divide and conquer helps a weaker Judaic force conquer stronger enemies. Unity though can be harmful to uniqueness for as things are united, boundaries are consequently eroded to strengthen unity.

A Jew who has come across those more intelligent than themselves has either subverted (dragged down) their enemies or interbred to uplift the genetics of the Jew. Jew’s are naturally subversives and revolutionaries, they want to feel safe, and so they try their best to mold society to fit their outlook. The criminal, the thief, the pimp, the trader, and manipulator these are the core aspects of the Jew. Malicious tendencies and flesh thirst as well. Jew’s are a race, religion, and are atheistic. Converts can be on the outer fringes of the Judaic foundation (ignorant or gullible Jews are needed as scapegoats for higher up Jews to use to bring together all Jew’s together). Jew’s are both the most inbred and mixed-breed people on the entire planet, they are the antonym to life itself. If something is healthy (not just people, but the environment/nature), then it must be subverted/polluted for Jew’s to feel comfortable. A Jew is a parasite who always needs a host. The problem with Christianity and other forms of conversion-based religions is that when one is converted they may be hiding their true selves while pretending to be converted such as Jew’s or pretending to of been converted yet holding previous beliefs and interbreeding with the natives to make them more into the foreign entities belief-sight. Conversion opens the doors to one’s home, saying come in, you are our brother same as us (love thy neighbor) and so erosion of boundaries can then take place. Trust in people is linked with honesty, and Jew’s use our trust in others to manipulate us, where we think we are getting factual information when we are not, or pretend to be our friend while conniving against us. A Jew cries out in pain as he hit’s his enemy. Gradual processes of deterioration are far more effective than the blatant fast approach. People hardly notice subtle changes, while blatant changes are noticed right away. Most Jew’s are Khazar descendents (An Asiatic people who converted to Judaism along the area which was once Scythia). Jew’s need/require helpers in order to continue their program with little to no detection, this is why sheeple and good goyim are needed to be used and abused for the benefit of all Jew’s so they can conquer the spirits, minds, and bodies of people and societies across the world. A Jew know they can be recognized if they are obvious and their hosts are different from them, this is why acceptance/erosion of boundaries is needed so goyim can become Judaic in spirit, so Jew’s can no longer be recognized easily. A Jew can be of any race, and hold multiple trinket religions. Jew’s who look/appear similar in outward appearance are like a chameleon to deceive. Goyim who help out the Jew are just fodder, when they are no longer of benefit, they can be thrown down/devoured by the sheeple herd. As long as a society is heterogeneous, the external takes precedence over the subtle differences. A homogenous society is similar outwardly so they can then focus in greater depth on the inward subtle differences.


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