Communism/Jews have taken America over! Look around its true

Amazing Speech by a teacher that knows the truth, He probably was fired or taken out back and shot for saying this but its the truth
He knows what he is talking about!
Obama,McCain arnt gonna save you! No one will but YOURSELF Traitor/Anti Christ Obama that the media cant get enough of. Where were they for Ron Paul? take a guess, ripping him the shreads when they even gave him air time. Obama has about as much knowledge to run America as my dog does. His “Change” is so So hollow that it crumbles as soon as you ask him what really will he change, not to mention he changes his mind about everything to keep his puppet masters happy Dont forget the “wouldn’t want to punish them with a baby!” comment he made. Those words should never be together in the same sentence.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, the US government is taking away all your rights and freedoms and property. How far are you willing to let them go until you stop them? Did you realize governments around the world control the local news? Even Hitler made up stories for the newspaper. It’s time to make a decision for yourself.

Excerpt from Michael Badnarik’s constitution class.
Spread this video! repost it do what ever it takes wake up America~!


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