From the book “the plot against the church “by Maurice Pinay




In view of the fact that the theme of this Second Book has been dealt with in such a masterly way and with such depth by outstanding and exactly instructed personages like his Holiness Pope Leo XIII, the High Dignified Cardinal Jose Maria Caro Rodriquez, Archbishop of Santiago de Chile, Monsignor Leon Meurin, S.J., Archbishop, Bishop of Port-Louis, and various other illustrious church and secular writers, we can restrict ourselves to writing down literally such authorised excerpts, without in the least enfeebling their great regard.

His Holiness Leo XIII says in his Encyclical Humanum Genus exactly as follows:

“The Popes, our forefathers, who bore conscientious concern for the spiritual salvation of the Christian peoples, soon knew very well who this deadly enemy was and what he wished, even if he hardly ever came out of the darkness of his secret conspiracy into the light, and accordingly, when he had spread his word of revolution, they exhorted princes and peoples to caution that they might not allow themselves to be caught by the malicious arts and traps which were prepared to deceive them. The first announcement of the danger was given in the year 1738 by Pope Clement XII (Constitution In Eminenti, 24th April 1738), which order Benedict XIV confirmed and renewed (Constitution Providas, 18th May 1751). Pius VII (Constitution Ecclesiam a Jesu Christi, 13th September 1821) followed the path of both, and Leo XII, who in the Apostolic Constitution Quo Graviora (Constitution given 13th March 1825) incorporated in this material the decrees passed by his predecessors, authorized and confirmed the same for ever. Pius VIII (Encyclical Traditi, 21st May 1829), Gregory XVI (Encyclical Mirari, 15th August 1835), and Pius IX (Encyclical Qui Pluribus, 9th November 1816; Allocution Multiplices Inter, 25th September 1865, etc.) naturally spoke repeatedly in the same sense.

“According to the example of our predecessors, we have now resolved to openly turn ourselves against the Freemasonic society, against the system of their doctrine, against their manner of feeling and acting, to ever more make clear their harmful power and thus to prevent infection by such a destructive plague.

“The good tree can bring forth no bad fruits, nor can the bad tree bring forth good fruits (Matth. Chapter VII. v. 18) and the fruits of the Freemasonry sects are harmful and in addition very sour. For, from the completely reliable proofs that we have mentioned previously, is revealed the ultimate and last and most principal of their intentions, namely: To destroy to their foundations every religious and civic order that has been erected by Christianity, and after their own manner to erect a new order with foundations and laws, which they took from the essence of Naturalism… The confusing errors, which we have enumerated, must already suffice in themselves to fill the States with anxiety and fear. For, if the fear of God and respect for the laws is abolished, if the authority of the princes is despised, if the madness of revolution is called good and is declared as lawful, if with the greatest unbridledness the passions of the peoples are unchained, without other hindrance than punishment, then universal upheaval and disorder must necessarily follow. And it is particularly this upheaval and disorder that is planned and put forward by many associations of Communists and Socialists, of whose plans it cannot be said that they are remote from the sect of the Freemasons, since they favour the latter’s intentions in great measure and agree with them on the most fundamental principles…

“However this may be, worthy brothers, as far as concerns us in the face of such a heavy and already widespread evil, we must be diligent with our entire soul in seeking for aid. And since we know, that the best and foremost hope of aid is placed in the power of the divine religion, which is hated by the Freemasons in the same way as it is feared, we hold it to be essential that we stand in service of this healing power against the common enemy. Everything accordingly that all the Popes our predecessors have ordered to hold up the attempts and efforts of the Freemasonic Sects, everything which they praised to keep men away from such societies or entice them from them, we strengthen and confirm individually and entirely with our Papal authority.”1

As one sees, both his Holiness Leo XIII as well as various earlier Popes are very clear in their condemnation of Freemasonry and recognise simultaneously the latter’s intentions, in association with Socialists and Communists, to destroy Christianity. And who directs Freemasonry? As we wish to explain in the following chapters, it is the same who directs Socialism and Communism, i.e. the Jews.


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