THEN make your own opinion about that….. i’m not saying at all that this is totally true, but you need to learn to ask if things, that we’ve been told are false…. hitler was a horrible man and what happend to all of the jews is unforgivable… Study on your OWN,

-HOW are gas chamber being built?
-what do you need for that?
-makes the wooden door sense in case the gas spreads out?
-how about the fact of the number of the ppl being in this some rooms?
-is it realistic?
-is the man in the interview really lying? (in case to really get that you need to learn tons of books about human behaviour i recommend all of you to read by paul ekman – i know you’re lying)
-how long does a crematation last?

The thing is if you really search on your OWN, you’ll realize what the truth is and maybe see that the given information we had from our school makes no sense to this tragedy 😦


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