Gaza Flotilla Video Mashup – “Internet Killed Israeli PR”.

Note- Most people online who pay attention to what Israel is doing are shocked at the racism and crimes that Israel gets away with on a regular basis. If you were to hypothetically replace any other nation, race, or religion with the actions and statements made regularly by Israeli’s and jewish Israeli supporters in other western nations, they’d be a pariah state similar to North Korea or South Africa back in the Sun City apartheid days. Worse even. But because it’s Israel and the people in control are jewish, if you link to or quote an Israel newspaper article or point it to support your video’s statements, you are automatically an “anti-semite”. That’s right. ANY criticism or posting of Israeli or Middle Eastern news that shines badly on Israel is considered anti-semitic. They’ve even pushed through “hate laws” in 14 countries and have been trying for 12 years to do the same in the US which would make it a crime to criticize Israel. Well at least its not as bad as Germany, France, Canada, and 11 other European countries yet, but seeing how Americans have been apathetic with so many other conspiracies, I won’t be surprised if the ADL gets their wish. See anti-zionist researchers like Curt Maynard, Edgar Steele, Fritz Springmeier, Ezra Pound, Eustace Mullins, and many more. Most are either framed and locked up, killed, or at the very least blackballed a la Helen Thomas, Mel Gibson, Rick Sanchez, etc.

Now we come to the Gaza Flotilla. The week it happened, I posted a Turkish news broadcast of a reporter who was actually on the ship that directly conflicted what we know now to be Israeli propaganda to excuse the fact they had just shot an American high schooler in the face 4 times and killed 5 more turks, not to mention a total of 50 others who were also shot. My account was suspended for 2 weeks and I was on “probation” for months just for posting the truth. How could a copy of a newscast be “hate speech” or “racist”? I pointed this out to YouTube but they rejected it. Unfortunately it didn’t look good for Israel and I guess the new YouTube commie rat finks don’t like that. They report you to the new STASI or CHEKA.

Parody of the early MTV 80’s hit, “Video Killed the Radio Star” (Buggles) mashedby Minor Demographic Threat.…

Useful links:
( for BDS, Pal activism resources & news)
(learn more about creative resistance to Israeli Apartheid)

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You had them on your wireless saying, ‘Death to Jews’
You sliced & diced & circumcised & claimed Fair Use
600 Turks were singing ‘Girl U Know It’s True’

YouTube & Reddit, Twitter, Facebook,
You spammed them all & then you even posted 3
Casual Encounters on CraigsList NYC

IDF spokesmen
Who freakin’ trained them?

Bloggers came & broke your heart

Now you tweet your new surveillance video
Cyborg Al-Qaida from the future snorting blow
set to the theme music from Hawaii Five-O

He had a knife and
Wait a second: that’s Barbra Streisand

You couldn’t find my SD card
You’re in a bind says Michael Sfard

The Shin Bet mined my SD card
& played it back on NPR
Born & raised in Arkansas
I brought 6 nukes for the Hamas

We are the Mavi Marmara
You are the sloppy hasbara

PS. It’s horrible enough that 6 died and 50 more were shot and seriously wounded, but all the media and civilians onboard had computers,cameras, and even wallets and purses confiscated which most ended up disappearing in less than a day that it took to direct the ships from their Gaza destination to Ashdod. That did not happen of course.

One California woman found that her “lost” credit card had been used to IDF soliders to buy beer. What gentlemen! Shoot a few activists and then steal their camera, computers, and money! They tried to buy much more expensive things but were declined without ID. But the point is that they tried to use it and had to have a female accomplice. As soon as this woman was able, she cancelled her card. But considering that was only 2 days later, it was obvious these thieves knew that she’d probably get out quickly as she was an elderly American woman.




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