Brother Nathanael Kapner: Another spy for the Jews.

Corrupted Planet

All Jews are rats, and there are Jews who pretend to be every religion – Christianity, Judaism, Islam – all with roots to the same Jews who want to kill us. Jews ethnically and racially are the enemy.

Whether a Jew is a “practicing” Jew or not isn’t the point here. “Brother Nathaniel” (Milton Kapner) is a self-admitted Jew-rat. If you look at his video explaining why he converted to Christianity (a branch of Judaism), “Brother Nathaniel” recounts on YouTube (JewTube) about the time he was called a “Jew-boy” for singing Christmas carols. Kapner makes it very clear that he has been discriminated against for being a religious Jew and he smiles as he recalls the incident.

The real reason why he does this is for money. Jew Kapner knows that there will always be “anti-Semites” in the world, so why not profit from it? – and that is exactly…

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