At The Brink Of The Jew-Age: The Fall Of Humankind

Originally posted on endzog:

jesus libertarianism

In a once determinedly free-minded, self-sustaining, gun-owning, remote small American town of only a few thousand peaceful, law-abiding white citizens a warfare armoured DHS bomb-proof tank is delivered to an anti-white, anti-American, brainwashed cultural Marxist police force who regard the highest instincts of their neighbours and community as terrorism.

In former deeply religious but now ZOG-controlled Italy a high court judge just as well as legalizes paedophilia. In formerly deeply religious but now ZOG-controlled Ireland a judge legalizes indecent exposure. The Jew-controlled US government announces a plan to send dangerous, criminal Somali ‘refugees’ to remote parts of America which are the last stand of the white race, the last places left to run to escape ‘diversity,’ diversity which is code for white genocide.

Yet most white Americans are more worried about demon possessed Zionist state-asset, actress and fraud Sarah Palin versus Satanic demon-posessed Zionist state-asset Hillary Clinton in the phony…

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